Frequently Asked Questions


What does a structural engineer do?

We design the skeleton of the structure that gives it strength. The structural bones enable the building to withstand snows, winds, and earthquakes. You don't often see these bones because they get covered up by the skin (architecture), but they play a critical role in the health of the building.

We are part of a team that designs the different components of the building. A building is composed of many different systems that all have to work together.

We are hired by architects, contractors, or owners to insure that their structure is safe and functions properly. As a member of a design team it is our responsibility to be sensitive to the other team members needs and to communicate our own.

We work within the architect's aesthetic perimeters, the mechanical engineer's space requirements, the civil engineer's site needs, the geotechnical engineer's bearing allowances, and the owner's budget. A successful project is one which meets all of these demands

Why should I Hire a Structural Engineer?

Higher Performance
Structural design increases the longevity of a structure by building in resistance to loads induced by the building's environment. Structural design also takes into account the user friendliness of a structure by adding stiffness – reducing bounce in floors, sway in bridges, and vibrations for specialized equipment.

Money Savings
Good engineering offers simple answers to complex problems. Breaking down complicated buildings into efficient, easy to build systems saves our clients money.

It's the Law
For all commercial projects within the state of Montana a Structural Engineering stamp is required. Most houses within the city limits of Billings require some sort of structural review.

How much experience do you have?

We've completed over 10,000 jobs in the billings and surrounding areas. Including:
  • commercial
  • residential
  • industrial
  • educational
  • religious
  • metal building foundations
We've been serving our clients for over 23 years.
We are licensed in Colorado, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Oregon, Washing, and Wyoming